Business adaptation and Expansion

Whether you are a small business operating from one country or a business operating in several countries, you must adapt your business to stay ahead of the competition and to take advantage of opportunities to expand and grow without affecting your profitability and the value of your business.


We can assist you in expanding into new markets worldwide so that not only is the value of your company enhanced by such expansion but you do it strategically and methodically so that you maximise your marketability and minimise the obstacles you will inevitably encounter in expanding your business.

Examples of our work

Introduction of Pakistani basmati rice into the UK

With the UK basmati rice market already saturated, it is very difficult to introduce a new brand of basmati rice into the UK market. After two years of research, we managed to procure and introduce a new brand of basmati rice into the UK which very quickly won an innovation in food award, had a presence on television and the company which owned it had a signed contract for its own television show.  However, due to external factors, the business was sold off and operations in the UK curtailed in favour of more favourable overseas markets.

Sale of gold mine in Mexico

We were requested to find a buyer for a gold mine in Mexico.  We gathered information from the seller to understand what was on offer and how to progress to sell the mine.  We located our buyer in New York and went through the mechanics of the transaction, procedures and purchase of the gold mine so we would effectively act as the link between the buyer and seller.  In the end we managed to negotiate middle ground to the satisfaction of both parties.

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