Project Funding & Management

Our experienced professionals are experts in putting together a business proposal to fund a project that you have in mind, whether you have a new start-up business or and an established business seeking money for expansion.

Everything in applying for funding is about the figures so you need a good business plan, cashflow forecasts, management accounts and projections. Often a project overview or executive summary is also necessary.

Once you receive the funding, we can manage your project including handling the money that comes in and money that is paid out so that we can keep an eye on where the money is going and also to ensure it is allocated to areas intended. This can result in considerable cost savings for your projects.

We are constantly asked to help find project funding for projects.  Many viable projects do not proceed to funding stage because they are not presented or packaged properly or due to lack of knowledge of experience of those who try to put the project together.

We are happy to manage projects if we are requested to do so.

Examples of our work

Funding for an African gold mine

We were approached by a gold mine in Africa which needed urgent funding of approximately USD 25 million in order to expand its current business operations. We managed to secure a bank loan with a leading bank on favourable terms which helped the mine achieve its objectives.  Since then the mine has gone from strength to strength.


Funding for sustainable energy, water and sewerage waste disposal project in Middle East

We were approached by a client whose proposed project was to provide sustainable electricity, water and elimination of waste and sewerage, as well as constructing medical clinics to service the city, using local labour. This was a complicated project and we managed to get a facility for $240 million agreed on favourable terms.

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