Our team of professionals include accountants, solicitors, asset and investment managers and experts from other areas of business and finance. Our Chief Executive Officer, Hasan Mahmood, is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA) and also a qualified Independent Financial Adviser.

There may be instances where you require help, guidance and representation.  Starting with a blank canvas, we aim to piece together various parts of the jigsaw to ensure that we provide you with clear advice and guidance and to implement strategies to achieve your goals.

As consultants, we interact with all components of your business without encroaching on any other part of it so that we the business runs smoothly.

Examples of our work

Bank Account Frozen by HSBC

A prominent client of ours is a religious institution registered as a charity with premises in several countries from Thailand, Europe, UK and America.  The client’s bank, HSBC, claimed money laundering due to over £1.5 million in cash passing through three HSBC accounts in over the last few months and gave the charity one month to take its business elsewhere before the bank would close down all its bank accounts.  The charity approached us to resolve the problem.

After our research and inspection of the client’s books and records, we came to the conclusion  that the large amount of cash received and banked was in fact charitable donations from members of the public. We corroborated the cash donations with the accounting records held by the charity and then proceeded to put together a schedule and audit trail showing the movement of cash. Once we demonstrated that this cash was legitimate cash and we showed its movement via our audit trail, the bank accepted our explanation and the client’s bank accounts were returned to normal.  Since then our client has grown from strength to strength and acquired further premises in the UK.

Acquiring UK property

We have clients in different parts of the world who have been looking to buy investment properties in the UK, especially London.  We have assessed the client’s requirements, their budget, type of property they require and we have progressed to view, make offers on and then to proceed to buy properties for our clients, much to their pleasant surprise. Such properties have then been rented out by clients enabling them to benefit from both income and capital growth.

Clients requiring finance
Often people are seeking to buy a property whether to live in or to rent out. They need assistance with getting a mortgage as they are having difficulties getting a mortgage, usually because they have a low credit score or a history of bad credit. We are able to assist people in such situations by letting them know what the problem is and what they need to do in order to get a mortgage, even if there is nothing we can do at the present time to assist.

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  • Property Portfolio Management,
  • Venture Capital & Business Finance,
  • and much more!

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