Commodities below ground without digging

Access to ground-breaking technology enables us to map from coordinates the location of precious metals, minerals, crude oil, gasses and water below the earth’s surface without digging.


If companies can find out what is below the ground before they even start digging, this can save companies a lot of time and money by preventing them from digging blindly. It also reduces their carbon footprint.  We can supply customers with two types of maps, one which is like an overview map, advising them of the existence of commodities below ground.  A more detailed map helps them identify exactly what they are seeking to recover, the depth below ground (or below water) and the recommended digging positions. 

This service is especially useful for companies which are engaging in humanitarian projects. For example, water can be discovered in areas of drought much to the surprise of those suffering from poor sanitation, clean water and disease.

The Technology

Developed and refined over the last 20 years, our technology can draw advanced data (including electro-magnetic) from commercial satellite systems as well as earth signal data banks.

This data is then analysed using bespoke logarithmic algorithms which allow the interpretation of molecular resonance. The data is synthesised and processed in such a way that frequencies are examined instead of the more traditional geological algorithms. This frequency analysis provides unique and reliable “DNA” signatures for each resource. From all this data and analysis, the maps are produced. The system bypasses traditional geological analysis, such as seismic tests.

However, a few clients who have used the service have additionally used 3D or 4D seismic tests to verify the maps and data. These maps have been used by governments and companies to successfully identify oil, gas and water reserves across Europe, USA, Africa, South America and Asia.

We can provide:

  • a fast, cost-effective way of obtaining highly accurate maps
  • analysis of reserves as well as access points.
  • maps are presented as 2D and/or 3D graphical visualisations of reserves, along with GPS positioning points.
  • maps can identify oil and gas reserves, concentrated mineralisation areas and underground water lakes and springs – both on-shore and off-shore.
  • maps detail reserve profiles and outlines, geographical locations, cross sectional views of formations and penetration rates, underground x-y-z points, mineral concentrations, virtual borehole graphs and identification of ideal drilling positions – all with pinpoint accuracy.
  • maps can also provide recommended seismic or electromagnetic reading areas for verification purposes if required.
  • overview report of what has been identified within the area of interest to a client can be delivered in two weeks to one month, with an accuracy that has astonished energy/mineral companies and governments, from undertaking blind tests as well as from actual projects.

Please note that because this technology and mapping techniques are sensitive and there are strong NCNDA agreements in place, there is limited information we can provide you with.  We would encourage you to give us coordinates of an area which you know has the commodity you are looking for, let us prove to you that we have located it and then ask us to map an area you are not sure about.  Corroboration with us will pay dividends very quickly and you will save a lot of time and money in the process.


Water below ground

Our technology has been used to detect water below ground in several countries of the world (some projects monitored by the United Nations).

Minerals below ground

Our technology has been used to detect minerals below ground in several countries of the world.

Oil and Gas below ground

Our technology has been used to detect oil and gas below ground in several countries of the world.

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