Precious metals, precious stones & commodities

We have experience in dealing in all aspects of commodity trading, particularly gold bullion and diamonds.

We have been involved in drafting contracts as well as verifying assets and acting as client representatives in gold and diamond transactions.

We can act for the seller or the buyer in such transactions and oversee a transaction from beginning to end to the satisfaction of both parties.  This ensures the transaction flows smoothly as the buy/sell transaction itself is simple to implement.

Examples of our work

Sale of gold bullion in Thailand

We had a client who had funds to buy approximately 400 tonnes of gold bullion.  We located a source in Bangkok Thailand.  We attended a meeting with the seller, armed with proof of funds from our buyer, and we negotiated the transaction, terms, procedures and price to the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller. 

We also visited the seller’s warehouse to have sight of the available gold for sale so that we could compile the necessary information in order to satisfy our buyer as to existence and title to the gold before we were able to report back to our buyer and advise him to proceed with the purchase of the gold.

Buyers of rough diamonds in London

We were representing a Middle Eastern client who had rough diamonds for sale.  After collating specific details relating to the diamonds for sale, including copies of Kimberley Certificates, we set up a meeting with one of our buyers in London.  After inspection of the diamonds by our buyer, we interacted between the buyer and seller to finalise prices and procedures based on the colour, clarity, cut and weight of the diamonds before the diamonds were sold to the buyer much to the satisfaction of both parties.

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